MIXED: Disable DSS Requirement

There are two solutions for it:

  1. Give the qualification to every player when they login the first time... but this will generate an affect row record for each player. (AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_QUALIFIED = 540)

    quest dss_no_req begin
        state start begin
            when login with not ds.is_qualified() begin
  2. Directly return True when the code asks whether you have the qualification or not.

    1. In Root/InterfaceModule.py def MakeInterface(self):

      change self.DRAGON_SOUL_IS_QUALIFIED = False

      to self.DRAGON_SOUL_IS_QUALIFIED = True

    2. In game/src/char_dragonsoul.cpp CHARACTER::DragonSoul_IsQualified()

      change return FindAffect(AFFECT_DRAGON_SOUL_QUALIFIED) != NULL;

      to return true;

    3. You can now clear the unused affect rows with:

      DELETE FROM `affect` WHERE `bType` = '540';