1) You need a visual studio program (vs2019 for v4/v10)

-VS2019 Community (install just the "Desktop Development C++" in https://i.imgur.com/HQVo77a.png with the latest Windows SDK 10)


2) A git client

- GitHub Desktop

- Git-SCM (alternatively - default toolchain)

3) You have to decide if you wanna compile the files in a remote server, or in a vm in your pc

- Virtual Box

NOTE: On my gdrive, you can download the already setup VMs.

4) You should also download AnyDesk (better than teamviewer)


5) You can download OBS so that you can record the whole session

- OBS (to record the teamviewer session)

If you have problems with OBS, you can install an alternative like CamStudio

6) You need to create 1 account on https://github.com

Be sure to verify the email and use a strong password!
Example for a very strong password:
- Go to http://passwordsgenerator.net/
- Set the Options like these:
Password Length: 16
[v] Include Symbols:( e.g. @#$% )
[v] Include Numbers:( e.g. 123456 )
[v] Include Lowercase Characters:( e.g. abcdefgh )
[v] Include Uppercase Characters:( e.g. ABCDEFGH )
[v] Exclude Similar Characters:( e.g. i, l, 1, L, o, 0, O )
[v] Exclude Ambiguous Characters:( { } [ ] ( ) / \ ' " ` ~ , ; : . < > )
- Click the button "Generate secure password"

8) Text Editor:
- VS Code

tip: set default charset from utf8 to windows1252:
File -> Preferences -> Settings [https://i.imgur.com/U2R2C5e.png]
Settings -> files.encoding -> windows1252 [https://i.imgur.com/30x2559.png]

tip for quests: go to extensions (ctrl+shift+x) and install "metin2 quest support" [https://i.imgur.com/yvKSwfb.png]

binary path: "%localappdata%\Programs\Microsoft VS Code\Code.exe"

- Notepad++ (alternatively)

9) Mysql Client: (navicat is better than heidisql, and mysql workbench, but it's not free)
- Navicat for MySQL (trial 14 days; using RunAsDate the trial will last forever)

NOTE: On my gdrive, you can download Navicat Portable 11 already licensed.

10) SFTP Client: (winscp is better than filezilla)
- WinSCP

11) SSH Client: (putty instead of kitty)
- Putty

12) Metin2 Unpacker:
- PML (https://metin2.dev/board/index.php?/topic/20776-eterpack-archiver-packmakerlite/)