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Searching for Assistants/Helpers

I'm currently searching for some assistants/helpers for:

  1. Installing custom / public systems on the customers' sources (you'll get paid by the customer)
  2. Developing websites for the customers (you'll get paid by the customer)
  3. Solving small bugs on the customers' files (you'll get paid by the customer)
  4. Installing public systems on the v4-ex version (you'll get coupon discounts/free updates/my love)
  5. Update protos, .msm, itemlist, npclist (you'll get coupon discounts/free updates/my love)
  6. Improve the svfiles' quests/maps (you'll get coupon discounts/free updates/my love)
  7. Update the client assets (you'll get coupon discounts/free updates/my love)
  8. Apply the changes I do on v4 on v4-ex (you'll get coupon discounts/free updates/my love)

Covid19 Summary

  1. I'm currently in a city in Italy with few cases, so I'm fine, and available. Thanks for worrying. ❤️️
  2. Since everyone in the world is getting it now, I provide you some extra information, and official data from the government.
  3. Every city is locked down since Monday 23/03/2020, and the trasgressors pay at least € 400 of fine if they leave home without an important reason. At the same time, people ran away on Sunday 22th from North Italy's outbreak spots and went South spreading it. Just like coachroaches. The government failed so much in preventing this. All the transports (planes, ships, buses, taxies, trains) were available up until Sunday (even though the politicians said they blocked anything 2 weeks previously, but those were only empty words).
  4. The number of the cases is underestimated. If you want to get close to the correct number, you have to multiplicate the deaths * 50, since the mortality-rate of the virus (sars-cov-2) is estimated to be between 2-3%.
  5. Disposable masks, googles, and gloves should be mandatory. Don't forget about them when you go out.
  6. If you are interested in the official italian numbers and statistics related to age and sex, you can find the relative daily updates and charts in here:
    1. Daily World Summary
    2. Current european summary
    3. Current italian summary
    4. Daily italian summary "Covid-19: i casi in Italia alle ore 18 del {DAY} {MONTH}" two pdf links (one for general summary, one for each province and city)
    5. Daily italian summary with graphics "infographic available in english" pdf download
  7. There are plenty of fake news all around the world. You can simply demonstrate that Covid is more than 10 times worse and dangerous than any flu we got so far by checking the official data. in here you get the official WHO's Q&A you need to know.
  8. The biggest reason why Italy is lacking masks and other resources is because bureaucracy is killing us. There are plenty of factories ready to mass-produce them, but they can't, because they need a tedious procedure of confirmation from the government. It is possible they'll get the confirmation after months. Madness.
  9. Schools and universities' lessons are now broadcasted online. Only after decades the government is now trying to reduce the bureaucracy required for many things. Better late than never. Update: Schools will open after September. Any scholar will be promoted automatically. Last year high school studends will just do an oral exam. University students will do all the exams online.
  10. Currently the government is playing for time. The "April Decree" they announced has been postponed several times: "it will be ready before Easter, after Easter, before 20th, before 25th, before the end of the month, 30th April, half May... maybe June"
  11. It's the end of April and I haven't received any money from the government that I was supposed to receive in March. Milions of italians are in the same situation. It's now May... and nothing changed.

/!\ Moving section /!\

Versions and Roadmaps will be moved in few days in the personal user panel of each customers. Contact me to be registered on this website!