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My old discord can't accept new requests after 2k+ friends. Add my new one from the Support page.

I currently can't keep up with all the incoming messages. My replies will be slower than usual.

Resend me a message if I don't answer.

«Nothing and everything is possimpible!»

«New is always better!»

MartySama Hub

We created a community on discord to shelter every Metin2 creator safely. (Devs, Mappers, Youtubers, 2D/3D Graphic Designers, WebMasters, ServerAdmins, Friends, etc)

The access is forbidden to resellers and toxic kids.

You can also get instant feedback in case of updates.

We don't do provide any support here.

To request the specific skill role, contact the Mods or Admins privately.


Trust System

Each registered user has now a hidden trust score. High scored users will be eligible to get big discounts and additional features, while Low scored users will have a restricted account.

Users don't lose trust by default. Only reported users doing something fishy will lose trust points. In order to increase the trust score you must be vouched by others.

Automatic Downloads & Updates Notice

In the website I've enabled the Automatic Downloads. Every customer (who didn't break my tos) is eligible to receive the latest v4 version.

The v5 will be treated as an upgrade, and won't be covered in the "free lifetime updates" the very old customers were previously eligible to receive.

The v10.0 is still eligible to be received by my (2018+) customers when it will be available.

/!\ Moved section /!\

Versions and Roadmaps are moved into the personal user-panel of each customers. Contact me to be registered on this website!