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  • update General Information
    1. New client pack type not decryptable by others except for you.
    2. New client index type not decryptable by others except for you.
    3. Every supporter will have a different encryption.
    4. You can read pack/Index from source instead of file by enabling the ENABLE_NO_INDEX_FILE define + an Index Converter included.
    5. You can disable the old 0-1-2-3-4-5 types by enabling the USE_PACK_TYPE_DIO_ONLY define.
    6. You will receive a modded archiver based on my own PML.
    7. You can easily specify your own eix/epk extensions (NO one-extension).
    8. It actually requires vs2017 or higher. I can port vs2010-2013 old fossil projects as well if you're willing to pay an overprice.
    9. The encryption is inside a static .lib, and the rest as source code via ENABLE_PACK_TYPE_DIO define.
    10. Update v1.1: new define ENABLE_PACK_IMPORT_MODULE will fully remove pack.Get when enabled.
    11. Update v1.2: new define ENABLE_PREVENT_FILE_READ_FROM_DRIVE will block loading files from the d: drive.
    12. Update v1.3: new hook signature change (experimental)
    13. Update v1.4: new define USE_EPK_NEW_SIGNATURE for hook signature change
    14. Update v1.5: new shortened index loading version + Index Converter new version
    15. Update v1.6: new define APP_ENABLE_IMPORT_MODULE will fully remove app.Get when enabled.
    16. Update v1.6m: it now supports multithreading, so you can ask for a binary upgrade (which is based on pml-v2.5 or higher).
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