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List of tutorials

Name Description Link
M2 Tools
PackMakerLite easy eter archiver Link
WorldEditorRemix mapping/scripting Link
M2 Docs all gm commands & lua functions Link
M2 Item Flags Calculator calculate item antiflag flag wearflag Link
M2 Quest Syntax Highlighting for scripting in lua with notepad++ Link
Cython VideoTutorial & Tips for root & uiscript Link
How-To M2-Patcher generate and configure the m2 torrent patcher Link
Xtea Keys Generator change pack encryption keys Link
Sequence Generator change login sequence Link
Python M2 Archiver you can now pack/unpack your eter archives on bsd/linux as well! Link
M2 colored scroll quests enjoy colors and blinks on quests Link
Compile the launcher from console without opening VS for potato PCs Link
Generate type4 packs simple way to do so Link
Client pack duplicates cleaner and some more Link
PySockAPI adminpage tool written in python Link
GIT Tips everything about GIT Link
MySQL Tips how to install MySQL, switch default ports, and enable query logging Link
SSH Tips how to enable root, switch default ports Link
How to load the IPFW rules firewall related Link
How to create a 32bit jail simple & clean Link
How to analyze a core dump in case you got a game.core Link
How to create and setup an SSH key to login via rsa key Link
How to disable SendMail not needed Link
How to fix the new pkg in Freebsd 9 only for FreeBSD 9.2 or lower Link
How to fix the pkg in new Freebsd versions for fbsd 10, 11, 12+ Link
How to clear the console with CLS like on windows lyf hax Link
How to recalculate MySQL IDs lyf hax Link
How to manually debug crashes with Visual Studio for runtime crashes and "??????" Link
How to compile .sln from command-line without opening visual studio Link
WinSCP Tips very important tips Link
Notepad++ Tips very important tips Link
NPP Zenburn Darker dark theme for notepad++ Link
DPI Fix in case the we's menus are wrong Link
Mount D: virtually from an existing folder instead of creating a real partition Link