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Refactored code with new modern C++ and Python features


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Used and Tested by hundreds of clients and tens of thousands of players.


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Fast configurable settings to provide the best result.


Installation Support

You're followed step by step


All exploits fixed

You don't have to worry about vulnerabilities


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More secure, more fast


Source Control

Every update can be checked individually


Always up to date

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Server Installation

A running and clean game server will be also installed

  • update General Information
    1. They are clean and compilable everytime and everywhere. I fixed all the bugs I found so the files would be more than stable.
    2. The repositories include a README.txt containing how to compile it, where I fixed such stuff and all the customable constants.
    3. There are NO BACKDOORS.
    4. There are tons of added stuff directly made by me. (you can disable ‘em whenever you want)
    5. I personally made every kind of things you can retrieve from such sources.
  • settings_backup_restore Server Sources
    • blur_circular General
      1. Currently compiling on the latest Freebsd version 64bit on 64bit mode (v10)
      2. The code has been refactored using new c++17 features, standardized types, and standardized code style
      3. Removed all the dead code in the source files (such as: passpod, openid, teen packet, auction, vcard, netmarble, auth_brazil, pcbang, serverkey, hshield, xtrap, unit tests, runup matrix card quiz (securitycode), limit_time, login_sim, auth sms, etc; unused arguments and LOTS MORE)
      4. Fixed all the warnings you could have when compiling (and sanatized all print formats!)
      5. Developed a plugin system to allow developers to write unstealable code on my source files
      6. Merged all the locales except inside locale_service, so you can use Italy (latin1), Czech (latin2) and all the other ones with the relative detected charset.

        So you won’t have differences between we_korea or german except for the charset and the file names (locale/korea <> locale/germany)

    • whatshot List of fixes: (the full explanation is written in the README.txt)
      1. SAMLL typo in mob proto
      2. invalid_server_log query syntax error
      3. /war -1 bug crash
      4. ClientCheckVersion comparing issue (int<> to string now)
      5. Status Point stopped increasing to level 90 issue
      6. the korean commands have been disabled
      7. Full-Speeded player will not warp you back when using mounts like lion
      8. Absorb HP/MP issue (the one which decreases the gauge instead of increases it)
      9. Entities disappearing when mounting many mounts or not existent ones
      10. Double triggering of “when kill begin” when you kill a player
      11. The semi-transparent affect not disappearing when attacking (when reviving or using ninja hidden skill)
      12. Bonus changing on equipped items issue
      13. Stone changing on equipped items issue
      14. Refine Scrolls using (et similia) on equipped items issue
      15. Drop Hack bug about party detection
      16. Normal horse skills couldn’t inflict damage
      17. You couldn’t swap equipment when inventory is full
      18. Gaining as many hp/mp as many you have on your equipment when refreshing stuff issue
      19. Losing of hp/mp increased via affect when refreshing stuff issue
      20. Negative hp/mp when greater than 32767 issue
      21. item movable from mall/safebox to belt inventory w/o checking the real type issue (potion check bypass)
      22. few packet IDs were not checked
      23. refine scroll item value 1 check error
      24. sub type 24 check bug (the condition could never be true)
      25. missing check on 6-7 add/change items about costume stuff
      26. dungeon regen pointing to a dangling pointer
      27. disband and withdraw guild time limit problem if player is offline
      28. lovepoints overflow issue
      29. affect hack at login
      30. /cube r_index bug crash
      31. all the new mounts can now attack and/or inflict skill damage if they should (like official)
      32. unsummoning azrael pets out of dungeons won’t decrease the relative “ghost” bonuses anymore
      33. messenger_auth flood hack
      34. sync packets sendable to everyone hack
      35. wrong checks on normal chat buf
      36. pc.mount_bonus bypass checks issue
      37. random crashes if mob’s hp is 0
      38. now, when a player dies, his HP will be set as 0 instead of having a negative number
      39. now, the passwords are hashed before being processed (preventing password stealing from server)
      40. memory leak fix about CShopEx
      41. belt unequip if its inventory isn’t empty fix
      42. items in belt inventory usable even if the slot is disabled fix
      43. sql injection fix about net.SendMessengerRemovePacket
      44. sql injection fix about net.SendAnswerMakeGuildPacket
      45. map/index crash if it has no newline in the end fix
      46. guild_add_member exploit fix
      47. player.myshop_pricelist corrupted data fix
      48. myshop_pricelist primary key duplication error fix
      49. ramadan candy item could be used even if the relative affect is still up
      50. type quest, special, attr not handled in ConvSpecialDropItemFile (doing /special_item, special_item_group_vnum.txt will be now generated perfectly)
      51. prevent item module swapping if the quest is suspended (important!)
      52. incomplete refine pct for specific scrolls fix
      53. wrong socket checking for the mount seals fix
      54. no kill counts for players over lvl99 in the empire war fix
      55. all_skill_master skill level overflow fix
      56. ram exploit fix
      57. another doubling affect fix
      58. the ox attender list wasn’t cleared after restarting the ox event
      59. Others are made configurable via define preprocessor
    • details List of defines:
      1. DB
      2. ENABLE_DEFAULT_PRIV // enable default priv loading from common.priv_settings
      3. ENABLE_ITEMAWARD_REFRESH // enable a select query every 5 seconds into player.item_award
      4. ENABLE_PROTO_FROM_DB // enable PROTO_FROM_DB conf.txt feature (vnum_range works fine too) // enable MIRROR2DB conf.txt feature
      5. ENABLE_AUTODETECT_VNUMRANGE // if protos are loaded from db, it will automatically detect the vnum range for ds items without requiring an extra vnum_range field
      6. GAME
      7. ENABLE_D_NJGUILD // enable d.new_jump_all_guild+cpp relative functions
      8. ENABLE_QUEST_CATEGORY // enable quest category+new packet types (unimplemented)
      9. ENABLE_NEWSTUFF // enable new stuff (new lua funcs, new CONFIG options, ecc)
      10. ENABLE_LIMIT_TIME // enable game timestamp expiration
      11. ENABLE_NEWGUILDMAKE // enable pc.make_guild0 and disable CInputMain::AnswerMakeGuild
      12. ENABLE_CMD_PLAYER // enable PLAYER grade inside CMD
      13. ENABLE_IMMUNE_PERC // enable 90% of success instead of 100% regarding immunes (antistun/slow/fall)
      14. ENABLE_IMMUNE_FIX // fix immune bug where you need to equip shield at last
      15. ENABLE_SPAMDB_REFRESH // enable a select query every 10 minutes into common.spam_db
      16. ENABLE_TRANSLATE_LUA // enable translate.lua loading
      17. ENABLE_LOCALECHECK_CHANGENAME // enable check that unable change name on Europe Locales
      18. ENABLE_PC_OPENSHOP // enable pc.open_shop0(idshop) but buy/sell not work yet
      19. ENABLE_SHOP_BLACKLIST // enable ignore 70024 (Blessing Marble) and 70035 (Magic Copper Ore) in npcshop
      20. ENABLE_STATPLUS_NOLIMIT // disable only 90 points for con+/int+/str+/dex+ commands
      21. ENABLE_FORCE2MASTERSKILL // skill always pass to m1 when b17 instead of b(number(17-20))
      22. ENABLE_MOUNTSKILL_CHECK // check whether horse mount vnum should be checked when skilling
      23. ENABLE_NULLIFYAFFECT_LIMIT // sura skill 66 won’t nullify players with level < or > of yours by 9
      24. NEW_ICEDAMAGE_SYSTEM // add new system for nemere dungeon and so on (the one where only ninja/shaman or buffed players could attack specific mobs)
      25. ENABLE_SHOWNPCLEVEL // show Lv %d level even for NPCs (not applicable on mob/stone/warp)
      26. ENABLE_PARTYKILL // re-enable PartyKill
      27. ENABLE_ACCOUNT_W_SPECIALCHARS // enable special characters in account names (account.account.login)
      28. ENABLE_CHAT_SPAMLIMIT // limit chat spam to 4 messages for 5 seconds, if you spam it for 10 times, you’ll be disconnected!
      29. ENABLE_WHISPER_CHAT_SPAMLIMIT // limit whisper chat to 10 messages per 5 seconds, otherwise you’ll be disconnected!
      30. ENABLE_CHAT_COLOR_SYSTEM // enable chat colors based on IsGm or GetEmpire (+colored empire name)
      31. ENABLE_FIREWORK_STUN // enable stun affect when using firework items
      32. ENABLE_ADDSTONE_FAILURE // enable add stone failure
      33. ENABLE_EXPTABLE_FROMDB // read the exp table from the db
      34. ENABLE_NEWEXP_CALCULATION // recalculate exp rate so you won’t get random negative exp/marriage points
      35. ENABLE_CHAT_LOGGING // enable chat logging (which saves all the gm chats)
      36. ENABLE_EFFECT_EXTRAPOT // enable extrapot effects when using green/purple potions
      37. ENABLE_EFFECT_PENETRATE // enable penetrate effect when performing a penetration
      38. ENABLE_BOOKS_STACKFIX // enable stackable books instead of remove all the pile
      39. ENABLE_PLAYER_PER_ACCOUNT5 // enable 5 characters (per account) in the select phase (instead of 4)
      40. ENABLE_PORT_SECURITY // block db_port, p2p_port, and remote adminpage exploits
      41. MAP_ALLOW_LIMIT <int> // define how many maps are allowed per game core (default 32)
      42. ENABLE_BLOCK_CMD_SHORTCUT // if enabled, people won’t be able to shorten commands
      43. ENABLE_FULL_NOTICE // enable new big notice features
      44. ENABLE_ANTI_CMD_FLOOD // limit player’s command execution to 10 commands per second, otherwise it’ll be disconnected!
      45. ENABLE_QUEST_DIE_EVENT // add quest event “die”

      46. ENABLE_CHECK_GHOSTMODE // dead people won’t be able to move

      47. ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER // it enables the wolfman character and its own sub-defines:

        1. USE_LYCAN_CREATE_POSITION // if enabled, the lycan will be warped to his own village at character creation
        2. USE_MOB_BLEEDING_AS_POISON // if enabled, the mob_proto structure won’t change and the bleeding % will be get from the poison field
        3. USE_MOB_CLAW_AS_DAGGER // if enabled, the mob_proto structure won’t change and the claw % will be get from the dagger field
        4. USE_ITEM_BLEEDING_AS_POISON // if enabled, the poison reduce bonus can also reduce the bleeding damage as if it’s bleeding reduce itself
        5. USE_ITEM_CLAW_AS_DAGGER // if enabled, the resist dagger bonus can also reduce the claw damage as if it’s resist claw itself
        6. USE_WOLFMAN_STONES // if enabled, lycan stones can be dropped from the metin stones
        7. USE_WOLFMAN_BOOKS // if enabled, lycan skill books can be dropped
      48. ENABLE_PICKAXE_RENEWAL // if the upgrading of the pickaxe will fail, it won’t turn back of 1 grade, but just lose 10% mastering points.

      49. ENABLE_FISHINGROD_RENEWAL // if the upgrading of the fishing rod will fail, it won’t turn back of 1 grade, but just lose 10% mastering points.
      50. ENABLE_GOHOME_IF_MAP_NOT_ALLOWED // you’ll go back to your village if you’re not allowed to go in that map
      51. ENABLE_GOHOME_IF_MAP_NOT_EXIST // you’ll go back to your village if the map doesn’t exist
      52. ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM // enable mount costume system
      54. ENABLE_AUTODETECT_INTERNAL_IP // autodetect internal ip if the public one is missing
      55. ENABLE_GENERAL_CMD //if enabled, it reads a general CMD from “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CMD”, “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CMD_CHANNEL_%d”, and/or “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CMD_CHANNEL_%d_HOSTNAME_%s”
      56. ENABLE_GENERAL_CONFIG //if enabled, it reads a general CONFIG from “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CONFIG”, “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CONFIG_CHANNEL_%d”, and/or “locale/%s/conf/GENERAL_CONFIG_CHANNEL_%d_HOSTNAME_%s”


      57. ENABLE_OPEN_SHOP_WITH_ARMOR //if enabled, people can open a personal shop with the armor equipped

      58. ENABLE_MASTER_SKILLBOOK_NO_STEPS //if enabled, you will only need a book to increase a master skill, and not as many as the level-20
      59. ENABLE_EXTEND_INVEN_SYSTEM //enable 4 inventory pages
      60. ENABLE_SET_STATE_WITH_TARGET // enable set_state target as 3rd arg
      61. ENABLE_WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM // enable weapon costume system
      62. ENABLE_CMD_IPURGE_EX // /ipurge 2nd arg can remove items from a specific window (inv/equip/ds/belt/all)
      63. ENABLE_GM_FLAG_IF_TEST_SERVER //show the gm flag if it’s on test server mode
      64. ENABLE_GM_FLAG_FOR_LOW_WIZARD //show the gm flag for low wizard too
      65. ENABLE_INFINITE_HORSE_HEALTH_STAMINA // the horse won’t lose health nor stamina
      66. ENABLE_ITEM_ATTR_COSTUME // it will add costume_body, costume_hair, costume_weapon for item_attr/_rare
    • filter_center_focus List of new db/conf.txt options
      1. PROTO_FROM_DB = 1/0 // enable/disable item/mob proto loading from db (otherwise, .txt)
      2. MIRROR2DB = 1/0 // convert .txt protos to .sql ones
    • filter_center_focus List of new game/CONFIG options (used by NEWSTUFF and/or by few others)
      1. ITEM_COUNT_LIMIT <1-250> // you can set the maximum item count (e.g.) to 250 (200 by default)
      2. DISABLE_SHOP_PRICE_3X // disable the price increase on foreign empires (not disabled by default)

        SHOP_PRICE_3X_TAX <0-1> // alternative (1 as default)

      3. DISABLE_CHANGE_ATTR_TIME // disable bonus switching time limit (not disabled by default)

        CHANGE_ATTR_TIME_LIMIT <seconds> // alternative (60 secs as default, 0=disable)

      4. DISABLE_PRISM_ITEM // disable prism requirement (not disabled by default)

        PRISM_ITEM_REQUIRE <0-1> // alternative (1 as default)

      5. ENABLE_GLOBAL_SHOUT // enable shout as global (not enabled by default)

        GLOBAL_SHOUT <0-1> // alternative (0 as default)

      6. DISABLE_EMOTION_MASK // disable emotion mask requirement (not disabled by default)

        EMOTION_MASK_REQUIRE <0-1> // alternative (1 as default)

      7. ENABLE_BOOTARY_CHECK // enable opening a shop only in village maps (not enabled by default)

        BOOTARY_CHECK <0-1> // alternative (0 as default)

      8. CHECK_VERSION_SERVER <0-1> // set to check the ClientVersion (checked by default)

      9. CHECK_VERSION_VALUE <STRING> // set the ClientVersion numeric string (1215955205 by default)
      10. STATUS_POINT_GET_LEVEL_LIMIT <level> // set the maximum level to get status point (default lvl 90)
      11. STATUS_POINT_SET_MAX_VALUE <int> // set the maximum settable points for status (default 90)
      12. SHOUT_LIMIT_LEVEL <int> // set the requirement level to use the shout (default 15)
      13. SHOUT_LIMIT_TIME <int> // set the interval time limit to use the shout (default 15 secs) (commented)
      14. DB_LOG_LEVEL <0-3> // set which log information to save inside the database log (3 as default) (0=none, 1=fews, 2=many, 3=all)
      15. ITEM_DESTROY_TIME_AUTOGIVE <0-MAXINT> // set the destroy time for the autogive items (from boxes if inventory is full and so on) spawned (on the ground) (300 as default)
      16. ITEM_DESTROY_TIME_DROPITEM <0-MAXINT> // set the destroy time for the items dropped by the players (300 as default)
      17. ITEM_DESTROY_TIME_DROPGOLD <0-MAXINT> // set the destroy time for the gold (yang) dropped by the players (150 as default)
      18. GM_HOST_CHECK <0-1> // enable the gm host check based on ip (unchecked by default)
      19. GUILD_INVITE_LIMIT <0-1> // if enabled, the guild can invite new members only after an amount of time (not enabled by default)
      20. GUILD_INFINITE_MEMBERS <0-1> // if enabled, every guild can have infinite members (not enabled by default)
      21. EMPIRE_LANGUAGE_CHECK <0-1> // if enabled, you won’t need to read language books or have the relative ring to understand other empires
      22. SKILLBOOK_NEXTREAD_MIN <int> // set the min value of the next read skill book time (default 28800)
      23. SKILLBOOK_NEXTREAD_MAX <int> // set the max value of the next read skill book time (default 43200)
      24. PROXY_IP <ip> // to specify the real ip in which the player will log in (without leaking the public ip); used for servers behind proxies, servers under nat or simply locale/noip/hamachi servers
    • filter_center_focus List of new lua functions (used by NEWSTUFF and/or few others)
      1. ##pc module
      2. pc.is_available0() // it checks whether the pc.* functions are available or not [return lua boolean]
      3. pc.delf(skel, opt) // delete quest flag [return lua boolean: successfulness]
      4. pc.make_item0({vnum|locale_name, count}, {socket1,2,3}, {type1, value1, … , type7, value7}, gstate(=0: giveitem, 1: dropitem, 2: drop_item_with_leadership)[, countdown_in_secs_before_ownership_vanish(=if <=10 would be 30; default=10->30)]) // master function

      5. pc.pointchange(uint type, int amount, bool bAmount, bool bBroadcast) // same effect of CHARACTER::PointChange [return nothing]

      6. pc.pullmob() // same effect of /pull [return nothing]
      7. pc.select_pid(pc.get_player_id()) // [return lua number: old pid]
      8. pc.select_vid // alias of [return lua number: old vid]
      9. pc.set_level0(level) // same effect of /level <lvl> [return nothing]
      10. pc.set_gm_level(); instead of /reload a (note: this only refresh gm privileges if you already are gm on[host|list]) [return nothing]
      11. pc.is_flag_fire(), pc.is_flag_invisible(), pc.is_flag_poison(), pc.is_flag_slow(), pc.is_flag_stun(), pc.is_flag_bleeding() // is_flag [return lua boolean]
      12. pc.set_flag_fire(bool), pc.set_flag_invisible(bool), pc.set_flag_poison(bool), pc.set_flag_slow(bool), pc.set_flag_stun(bool), pc.set_flag_bleeding(bool) // set_flag [return nothing]
      13. pc.set_flag_kill(player_name) // same effect of /kill <nick> [return nothing]
      14. pc.set_flag_dead() // kill themselves [return nothing]
      15. pc.get_exp_level(level) // get needed exp for <level> level [return: lua number]
      16. pc.get_exp_level0(level, perc) // get needed exp for <level> level / 100 * perc [return: lua number]
      17. pc.set_max_health() // same as /reset [return nothing]
      18. pc.get_ip0() // get player ip [return lua string]
      19. pc.get_client_version0() // get player client version [return lua string]
      20. pc.dc_delayed0(secs) // crash a player after x secs [return lua boolean: successfulness]
      21. pc.dc_direct0(player_name) // crash the <nick> player [return nothing]
      22. pc.is_trade0() // get if player is trading [return lua boolean]
      23. pc.is_busy0() // get if player is “busy” (if trade, safebox, npc/myshop, cube are open) [return lua boolean]
      24. pc.is_arena0() // get if player is in arena [return lua boolean]
      25. pc.is_arena_observer0() // get if player is in arena as observer [return lua boolean]
      26. pc.equip_slot0(cell) // [return lua boolean: successfulness]
      27. pc.unequip_slot0(cell) // [return lua boolean: successfulness]
      28. pc.open_shop0(id_shop) // buy/sell won’t work on it [return nothing]
      29. pc.make_guild0(guild_name) // it returns few state values which you can manage via lua [return lua number]

      30. pc.set_race0(race=[0. Warrior, 1. Ninja, 2. Sura, 3. Shaman, 4. Lycan]) // [return nothing]

      31. pc.give_random_book0([race]) // it gives a random skill book; if race is specified, the book will be for such race // [return nothing]
      32. pc.give_item2_with_dice // like give_item2 but with dice roll check if player is in a party [return lua number=item id]
      33. pc.is_pvp0() // returns true if the player is on pvp [return boolean]
      34. pc.getf2(“quest.flag”) // returns the quest’s flag’s value [return lua number]
      35. pc.setf2(“quest.flag”, value) // set the quest’s flag’s value to the specified value [return nothing]
      36. ##d module
      37. d.is_available0() // it checks whether the d.* functions are available or not [return lua boolean]
      38. d.new_jump_all_guild(map_index, x, y) // [return nothing]

        d.new_jump_guild // alternative

      39. // for nemere dungeon and other implementations

        // It can even let you create mobs attackable only by females/males/mix races and/or by hidden/poisoned/buffed players and so on for all the affects and races

        // It works fine with both d.spawn_mob and spawn_mob0

        d.set_damage_from_race(flag, vid) // [return nothing]

        d.set_damage_from_affect(flag, vid) // [return nothing]

        d.reset_damage_from_race(vid) // [return nothing]

        d.reset_damage_from_affect(vid) // [return nothing]

      40. d.get_damage_from_race(vid) // [return lua number]

        d.get_damage_from_affect(vid) // [return lua table]

        d.unset_damage_from_race(flag, vid) // [return nothing]

        d.unset_damage_from_affect(flag, vid) // [return nothing]

      41. d.kill_area(start_x, start_y, end_x, end_y) // it kills every mob in the specific range (similar to d.purge_area, but crash safe) [return nothing]

      42. ##guild module
      43. guild.get_id0() // get guild id [return lua number]
      44. guild.get_sp0() // get guild sp [return lua number]
      45. guild.get_maxsp0() // get guild maxsp [return lua number]
      46. guild.get_money0() // get money guild [return lua number]
      47. guild.get_max_member0() // get max joinable members [return lua number]
      48. guild.get_total_member_level0() // get the sum of all the members’ level [return lua number]
      49. guild.has_land0() // get whether guild has a land or not [return lua boolean]
      50. guild.get_win_count0() // get guild wins [return lua number]
      51. guild.get_draw_count0() // get guild draws [return lua number]
      52. guild.get_loss_count0() // get guild losses [return lua number]
      53. guild.add_comment0(msg) // add a comment into guild notice board [return nothing]
      54. guild.set_ladder_point0(points) // set guild ladder points [return nothing]
      55. guild.set_war_data0(win, draw, loss) // set guild win/draw/loss [return nothing] (commented/local update)
      56. guild.get_skill_level0(vnum) // get guild skill level [return lua number]
      57. guild.set_skill_level0(vnum, level) // set guild skill level [return nothing]
      58. guild.get_skill_point0() // get guild skill points [return lua number]
      59. guild.set_skill_point0(points) // set guild skill points [return nothing]
      60. guild.get_exp_level0(level) // get how much exp is necessary for such <level> [return lua number]
      61. guild.offer_exp0(exp) // give player’s <exp> to guild [return lua boolean=successfulness]
      62. guild.give_exp0(exp) // give <exp> to guild [return nothing]
      63. ##game module
      64. game.drop_item_with_ownership_and_dice // like game.drop_item_with_ownership but with dice roll check if player is in a party [return nothing]
      65. ##global module
      66. big_notice(string txt) // [return nothing]
      67. big_notice_all(string txt) // [return nothing]
      68. big_notice_in_map(string txt) // [return nothing]
      69. spawn_mob0(int vnum, int map_index, int x, int y) // similar to d.spawn_mob, usable for unique functions too [return lua number=mob vid]
      70. spawn_mob_in_map(int vnum, int count, bool is_aggro, int map_index, int x, int y) // [return lua number=count of the spawned mobs]
      71. get_table_postfix() // get table postfix [return lua string]

      72. mysql_direct_query(string query) // get the number of the affected rows and a table containing ‘em [return lua number, lua table]

      73. mysql_escape_string(string str) // escape <str> [return lua string]

      74. mysql_password(string str) // same as the sql function PASSWORD(<str>) [return lua string]

      75. chat_in_map0(int mapIndex, string message) // send a chat packet to everyone in map mapindex with the relative message [return nothing]
      76. cmdchat_in_map0(int mapIndex, string message) // send a cmdchat packet to everyone in map mapindex with the relative message [return nothing]
      77. syschat_in_map0(int mapIndex, string message) // send a syschat packet to everyone in map mapindex with the relative message [return nothing]

      78. ##horse module

      79. horse.set_stat0(int health, int stamina) // same as /do_horse_set_stat [return nothing]
      80. ##item module
      81. item.is_available0() // it checks whether the item.* functions are available or not [return lua boolean]
      82. item.get_wearflag0() // [return lua number]
      83. item.has_wearflag0(int flag) // [return lua boolean]
      84. item.get_antiflag0() // [return lua number]
      85. item.has_antiflag0(int flag) // [return lua boolean]
      86. item.get_immuneflag0() // [return lua number]
      87. item.has_immuneflag0(int flag) // [return lua boolean]
      88. item.add_attr0(…)

      89. item.change_attr0(…)

      90. item.clear_attr0(…)

      91. item.count_attr0(…)

      92. item.get_attr0() // get a table containing all the item attrs {1,11,2,22,…,7,77} [return lua table]

      93. item.set_attr0({1,11,2,22,…,7,77}) // use a table to set the item attrs [return nothing]
      94. item.set_count(int count) // [return nothing]
      95. ##npc module
      96. npc.is_available0() // it checks whether the npc.* functions are available or not [return lua boolean]
      97. npc.get_level0() // [return lua number]
      98. npc.get_name0() // [return lua string]
      99. npc.get_pid0() // [return lua number]
      100. npc.get_vnum0() // [return lua number]
      101. ##party module
      102. party.get_min_level() // [return lua number]
      103. party.leave_party() // [return lua boolean=successfulness]
      104. party.delete_party() // [return lua boolean=successfulness]
      105. ##oxevent module
      106. oxevent.get_oxquiz_fn() // it returns the name of the oxquiz file to load [return lua string]
      107. oxevent.set_oxquiz_fn(string pathfile) // it sets the name of the oxquiz file to load starting from locale path [return nothing]
      108. oxevent.set_oxquiz_fn0(string pathfile) // it sets the name of the oxquiz file to load [return nothing]

      109. ##quest module

      110. quest.get_current_quest_name0() // [return lua string]
    • filter_center_focus List of new commands (used by NEWSTUFF and/or few others)
      1. /add_rare_attr (like /add_attr)
      2. /change_rare_attr (like /change_attr)
      3. /click_safebox (open the safebox such as the mall)
      4. /force_logout (disconnect themselves)
      5. /big_notice (now global like /notice)
      6. /big_notice_map (big notice that works like /notice_map)
      7. /notice_test (notice printed only to the player himself)
      8. /big_notice_test (big notice printed only to the player himself)
      9. /set <name> <field> <value> (added ‘race’, ‘sex’ and ‘job’ fields + help list)
      10. /poison <name> (the specified player will get poison)
      11. /bleeding <name> (the specified player will get bleeding)
      12. /ipurge <inventory=inv|equip|ds|belt|all> (only if ENABLE_CMD_IPURGE_EX is enabled)
    • filter_center_focus New server event flags:
      1. gold_drop_limit_time <time_in_secs> // the players will be able to drop a piece of yang/gold every XXX seconds as specified (default=0=no limits) (NB: by ymir)
      2. item_drop_limit_time <time_in_secs> // the players will be able to drop a piece of item every XXX seconds as specified (default=0=no limits)
      3. box_use_limit_time <time_in_secs> // the players will be able to open boxes every XXX seconds as specified (default=0=no limits)
      4. buysell_limit_time <time_in_secs> // the players will be able to buy/sell stuff every XXX seconds as specified (default=0=no limits)
      5. no_drop_metin_stone <0-1> // if enabled, metin stones won’t drop the default spiritual stones
      6. no_mount_at_guild_war <0-1> // if enabled, horses/mounts can’t be used inside guild war maps
      7. no_potions_on_pvp <0-1> // if enabled, all kind of potions and autopots can’t be used on pvp, except for the ones inside IsAllowedPotionOnPVP (by default: only blue potions and blue autopots will work)
    • filter_center_focus List of new adminpage commands:
      1. BIG_NOTICE <text> // like NOTICE <text>
    • filter_center_focus List of new skill_proto flags:
      1. PARTY // the skill will be applied to all the near party’s members, or just the player itself if alone
      2. ATTACK_BLEEDING // the skill will inflict the bleeding malus
    • filter_center_focus List of new miscellaneous things:
      1. Bandage (27124) item implemented
      2. Poison Bottle (27996) now poisons on use
      3. SpecialItemGroup “bleeding” type implemented
      4. /warp /transfer /item /mob will print arg1 in case of unsuccessfulness
      5. Added a system where you can’t inflict damage to stones from a different empire than yours
      6. tourmaline material and vein implemented
      8. Arena will have an additional potion using check for uncommon values
      9. You won’t be able to ride the horse in the arena
      10. No exp check when reading books when you’re already at the maximum level
      11. The classic notice when a war between guilds starts.
      12. A further check about the limit of attacking people in protect mode
  • toll Client Sources
    • blur_circular General
      1. Currently compiling on Visual Studio 2019
      2. 100% Translated (except comments)
      3. Python upgraded to 2.7
      4. Granny version switchable amongst 2.4, 2.7, 2.8, 2.9, 2.11 via define preprocessor (either dynamic or static)
      5. Compatibility with Cython (rootlib & uiscriptlib)

    • whatshot List of fixes: (the full explanation is written in the README.txt)
      1. /view_equip crash
      2. Skybox bottom pic
      3. Python >2.2 long overflow
      4. Added supplementary check for npc_pet (about new pets)
      5. “SEQUENCE mismatch 0xaf != 0x64 header 254” fix
      6. all the new mounts can now attack/skill if they should (like official)
      7. hyper link graphic issue with 6-7 bonuses
      8. crash issues when pasting non-text data (if you specifically enable ctrl+v in client)
      9. non-printing/control characters not more printed in the (chat) input (the ones you get when you press Ctrl+<key> in game)
      10. on arabic locales, the [HyperText code] (alias Prism code) not more editable pressing <Backspace>
      11. loop attack bug when you click a monster with a bow without having arrows
      12. regen.txt loading issue
    • details List of defines:
      1. LOCALE_SERVICE_EUROPE // locale you want (default source feature)
      2. ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM // costume system (default source feature)
      3. ENABLE_ENERGY_SYSTEM // energy system (default source feature)
      4. ENABLE_DRAGON_SOUL_SYSTEM // dss system (default source feature)
      5. ENABLE_NEW_EQUIPMENT_SYSTEM // belt system (default source feature)
      6. ENABLE_PACK_GET_CHECK // enable py|pyc|txt check on pack.Get
      7. ENABLE_CRC32_CHECK // enable/disable crc32 check for type2
      8. ENABLE_SKIN_EXTENDED // extended source/targetskin[2-9] inside .msm
      9. ENABLE_LOAD_ALTER_ITEMICON // load a default item icon if the one inside the item_list.txt is missing
      10. ENABLE_NO_MOUNT_CHECK // enable attack and skill from all horses/mounts
      11. ENABLE_MILES_CHECK // check miles files to prevent mss32.dll exploit before load them
      12. ENABLE_PYLIB_CHECK // check python lib files to prevent exploit before load them
      13. ENABLE_PLAYER_PER_ACCOUNT5 // enable 5 characters per account
      14. ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER // it enables the wolfman character
      15. ENABLE_LEVEL_IN_TRADE // it enables the functions to show the target level in the trade dialog
      16. ENABLE_ATLASINFO_FROM_ROOT // if enabled, the atlasinfo.txt will be read from root instead of the relative locale
      17. ENABLE_SIMPLE_REFINED_EFFECT_CHECK // if enabled, the refine effect are +7 blue, +8 green, +9 red for any armor/weapon
      18. ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM // it enables the mount costume system
      20. ENABLE_EXTEND_INVEN_SYSTEM //enable 4 inventory pages
      21. ENABLE_PETS_WITHOUT_COLLISIONS // disable collisions for pets
      22. ENABLE_SHOPS_WITHOUT_COLLISIONS // disable collisions for shops
      23. ENABLE_MOUNTS_WITHOUT_COLLISIONS // disable collisions for mounts
      24. AUTODETECT_LYCAN_RODNPICK_BONE // adjust fishrod/pickaxe attached bone for lycan
      25. ENABLE_WEAPON_COSTUME_SYSTEM // enable weapon costume system
      26. USE_WEAPON_COSTUME_WITH_EFFECT // enable refine effect for weapon costume
      27. USE_BODY_COSTUME_WITH_EFFECT // enable refine effect for body costume
      28. ENABLE_LVL115_ARMOR_EFFECT //enable sparkle effect for 115 armors
      29. ENABLE_CANSEEHIDDENTHING_FOR_GM //enable gm to see invisible characters (both normal semi-transparent and gm invisibility)
      30. ENABLE_PROTOSTRUCT_AUTODETECT // if enabled, all the item_proto/mob_proto official structures (2007~2016) are automatically detected and supported without recompiling
      31. WJ_SHOW_MOB_INFO //enable mob info update for showing the mob lvl and the asterisk in name if aggro (ENABLE_SHOW_MOBAIFLAG and ENABLE_SHOW_MOBLEVEL)
      32. ENABLE_NEW_ATLAS_MARK_INFO // for the new locale/map/point.txt
      33. ENABLE_TEXT_LEVEL_REFRESH // it will refresh the level after a levelup
    • filter_center_focus List of new python functions
      1. exchange.GetLevelFromSelf()
      2. exchange.GetLevelFromTarget()
      3. systemSetting.IsShowMobAIFlag()
      4. systemSetting.SetShowMobAIFlag(bool)
      5. systemSetting.IsShowMobLevel()
      6. systemSetting.SetShowMobLevel(bool)
    • filter_center_focus List of new miscellaneous things:
      1. new event motion types 11-12 workable
      2. tourmaline material and vein handling implemented
  • timeline Extras
    • blur_circular A clear and complete pack/root&uiscript:
      1. Based on the last official roots before being cythonized
      2. Compatibility with Cython (rootlib & uiscriptlib)
      3. Lycan implemented via app.ENABLE_WOLFMAN_CHARACTER
      4. 5th character per account implemented via app.ENABLE_PLAYER_PER_ACCOUNT5
      5. Level in trade implemented via app.ENABLE_LEVEL_IN_TRADE
      6. Costume System implemented via app.ENABLE_MOUNT_COSTUME_SYSTEM
      10. ENABLE_LVL115_ARMOR_EFFECT implemented via app.ENABLE_LVL115_ARMOR_EFFECT
      11. WJ_SHOW_MOB_INFO implemented via app.WJ_SHOW_MOB_INFO
      12. Additional constants inside
        1. ENABLE_RANDOM_CHANNEL_SEL // if not enabled, it won’t set a random channel when you open the client
        2. ENABLE_CLEAN_DATA_IF_FAIL_LOGIN // if not enabled, it won’t remove id&pass if the login attempt fails
        3. ENABLE_PASTE_FEATURE // if enabled, ctrl+v will work
        4. ENABLE_FULLSTONE_DETAILS // if enabled, it displays all the bonuses added by a stone instead of the first one
        5. ENABLE_REFINE_PCT // enable successfulness % in the refine dialog
      13. General fixes:
        1. Leadership skill (guide)’s tooltip fix
        2. old_open unreadable files issue
        3. undeclared timeOutMsg variable fix
        4. ShopEx little glitch with 3 buttons
        5. blank tooltip issues when the mouse-selected money is over some items
        6. mobs with shop signs above them
      14. List of new miscellaneous things:
        1. tourmaline material and vein implemented
        2. USE_CHANGE_COSTUME_ATTR, USE_RESET_COSTUME_ATTR handling implemented
        3. more precise logs will be printed in case of uiscript load failure
    • blur_circular An official-compatible Client:
      1. Currently dated 2019/09/22 (v19.5).
      2. lycan 100% implemented
      3. type 3-4-5 removed from patch2, and m2_patch_XXX packs
      4. it contains every asset the official client has until now
    • blur_circular Server-Files Scripts:
      1. A clean fixed version of data/ pc/monster files.
      2. A clean version of the databases account, common, log, player as .sql
      3. A clean version of the server scripts to start, clean, stop, generate the server structure as .sh/.py
      4. The Official mob_proto, and item_proto either .txt or .sql and in your preferable language! dated 2018/4
      5. A clean and working test-server in which you can already login and start customizing your locale. (only minimal quests have been added inside)
    • blur_circular Tools/DumpProto ReMIX:
      1. Clean
      2. Translated
      3. New types included (ds, belt, bleeding, wolfman, claws, etc)
      4. Unpack feature (it can re-extract the packed protos into .txt again!)
      5. General splitting issues fix (for mob_proto’s raceflag)
      6. All the item_proto/mob_proto official structures (2007~2016) are automatically detected and supported without recompiling (if ENABLE_PROTOSTRUCT_AUTODETECT is defined in Client)
      7. List of defines:
        1. ENABLE_ADDONTYPE_AUTODETECT // it autodetects the addontype field value when unpacking to make an item_proto.txt server-side 100% compatible
    • blur_circular Tools/Mysql2Proto:
      1. This this can directly pack/unpack the item/mob_protos using directly your mysql connection
      2. It can also generate .sql compatible files
      3. It keeps the whole proto structure server-side when packing client-side
    • blur_circular Tools/MSAMaker:
      1. Clean
      2. Usable for granny 2.4/2.7/2.8/2.9/2.11 models
      3. This tool is used to create the .msa of the .gr2 models, and it also generates the Accumulation parameter for all of them.
      4. This can be used to fix the relative error for the server-side data folder.
      5. It still requires file/system boost libraries compilation. (there’s a how-to file inside for it)
    • blur_circular Tools/PackMaker:
      1. Clean
      2. Translated
      3. Fixed EterPackLog null character printing
      4. Fixed hard-coded ignored path
    • blur_circular Tools/DBManager:
      1. Clean
      2. New types included (ds, belt, bleeding, wolfman, claws, etc)
      3. Fixed \n\nheader issue
      4. Fixed truncated fields issues
      5. Fixed vnum_range (automatically detected)
      6. Created a to easily do a .txt-to-db and db-to-.txt proto conversion 100% lossless. Very easy and in just a second.
  • swap_calls ToS
    1. All the relative updates are automatically provided.

    2. At the moment of the payment, you can ask to receive one-time help to compile and setup your machine for such service, until the work provided is working as expected (no post-sell service is provided; even though it’s not an obligation, I usually answer free-of-charge in my free time)

      I usually provide the relative “help” using a “teamviewer/anydesk program like”, and you’re free to record the whole session. The interaction between us is usually made through Skype/Discord.

    3. If you’re a team/group of friends purchasing this service, I’ll interact with only one of you.

    4. Re-selling, or leaking part-or-all my work is forbidden; I can stop providing you any contact, service, updates if provided, and anything else on my whim.